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GPA Technique –
Gravitational Pattern Alignment

Footprint for a Stable Foundation

As bipeds we are constantly challenged by gravity. Our upright posture and spinal symmetry start at the pedal or foot foundation. This symmetry is an architectural engineering fact in both human and structural engineering. Our feet must be balanced to form a stable foundation for stress free, weight-bearing, upright symmetry. So, pedal balance is an absolute must.

Additionally no factor, element or composite function expresses itself independent of others. When any body part is out of alignment, gravity immediately forces the body to rebalance. This can create discomfort and dysfunction in a totally unrelated area of the body. GPA shows how an ankle can affect the knee, which affects the back, etc.

The “Eyes” Have It

We’re designed for our eyes to remain horizontal during all natural activities. Our brain constantly attempts to hold the eyes level and perfectly horizontal, causing a profound impact on how the body compensates for gravity. The combination of structural dysfunction, gravity and level eyes can compound even minor issues. This takes a gradually increasing toll, creating symptoms that may not appear for weeks or even years. Often multiple misalignments exist and all must be corrected to achieve total body balance.

How GPA Works

The GPA methodology is to first investigate the entire skeletal structure and identify all unbalances. Then create a systematic procedure to achieve a balanced two-legged posture. When an upright structure is symmetrically balanced, discomfort will decrease dramatically. The fundamental concept is to understand that the pedal (feet) foundation is the initiator, as well as the endpoint, in all GPA postural corrections.

A balanced body will also enhance the brain’s innate healing ability. It also eliminates stressful structural and functional issues that affect normal functional activity, balance, strength and flexibility. That’s the highlights of GPA. Want to find out more?


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