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Haley Chiropractic : Patient Testimonials

If you’re not one of the many people who consult our clinic from a referral, it can be helpful to hear what other patients say about their experience in our practice.

“Dr. Haley has been instrumental in helping me through the long process of getting my body back to where it should be. Having someone with a background in strength and conditioning, and athletics is priceless when it comes to chiropractic care because his goal is not just allowing me to move with little or no pain, but to train at a high level, live an active lifestyle and excel at my job.’

Stephen V.

“Bob has become a huge part of our program. He is very important to the health and recovery of my team. To have him as part of our program is invaluable.”

St. Joe’s Coach Augie Hoffmann

“Thanks Dr. Haley for your help!”

Juliana “Ju Thai” Lima — MMA and UFC Fighter

“Dr. Haley is an absolute wonder. Love the way he takes care of me.”

Nicole G.

“Feeling better already after only 2 visits! Looking forward to continuing my treatment.”
Mallory C.

“Dr. Haley made me so feel so much better after just one visit. I will be going back soon.”
Dennis H.

“All staff from including Dr. Haley are great.” Gregory B.

“I have the utmost confidence and care from Dr. Haley and his staff. Every visit I am greeted professionally plus promptly. Dr. Haley’s staff are pleasant and manage to always accommodate my appointments. No matter how much pain I’ve been in, Dr. Haley has proven that manipulative care in addition to his physical therapy/exercise regimens, improved my health plus well-being. Dr. Haley doesn’t give false expectations, but a treatment approach for managing chronic pain naturally. If necessary, Dr. Haley may suggest other testing such as X-rays, MRIs, EMGs, etc. to identify/treat your injury. If your injury is acute, stick with Dr. Haley’s recommendations on coming in often as it will help in improving/alleviating your pain or recommending other options. I have been a patient with Dr. Haley for many years and highly recommend him!” Dorothy B.

“Thanks for the help!” Imani W.

“Dr. Haley is an excellent chiropractor I would recommend to anyone that needs a great chiropractor.” Dioncio O.

“Dr Haley is very knowledgeable and experienced. Also, In today’s world his right to the point no nonsense honest approach is refreshing!” - Daniel H.

“Dr. Haley is a very knowledgeable chiropractor and has treated some of the best, high level professional and amateur athletes. Highly recommended.” - Mikhail L.

“I’m very happy to have chiropractic on my healthcare team. It takes a village to stay well! Thanks, Dr. Haley. I wish more people understood the importance of chiropractic in their overall health.” - Pauline T.

“Great experience. I was almost back to normal after a few short visits so I was thrilled!” - Mary M.

“My experience AT Haley Chiropractic was excellent. I sought help and with their professional approach and knowledge I reached my goal.” - Anna B.

“Dr. Haley is the foremost authority on physical culture.” – Joe Carini – Renowned strength coach, Carini’s House of Iron

“Dr. Haley is extremely professional & an asset to our academy. He takes a hands on approach with every one of our fighters. We are lucky to have him on our team.” – Chris Vender – Owner – MMA University

“Dr. Haley is a big asset to my training. As a professional fighter I am always getting injuries and Dr. Haley makes sure that I’m always performing at my best.” – Vanessa Porto – Professional MMA fighter

Every athlete needs a guy like Dr. Robert Haley to keep them healthy and training! He is the best. – Sara McMann – UFC Title contender